Mestrado em "Denglish"

O texto abaixo eu escrevi para a página dos alunos
do mestrado International Media Studies (IMS), em uma seção que chamamos "IMS in Process". Para ler outras histórias e ver galerias com fotos (lindas) feitas pelos meus colegas, clique aqui.

Building knowledge between two languages

Since I started the bilingual master program International Media Studies (IMS), at the Deutsche Welle Akademie, I’ve improved somehow my English and my German, but the language I actually started speaking perfectly was “Denglish”, namely Deutsch+English. It just became part of unser Leben. We go everyday to Unterricht and talk about viele Theorien und Methoden auf Deutsch and in English, sometimes beide am gleichen Tag – not counting the Beiträge that we produce on a zweisprachige basis.

It would be helpful to have a Schalter in our heads, so at one moment we think and speak only in English und im nächsten Moment denken und sprechen wir nur auf Deutsch. Aber das ist nicht how it works. And you realize you are becoming a Denglish speaker when for instance you start writing and speaking in English like Master Yoda, putting the verbs in the end of the phrases. In serious cases you can end up writing texts like the one you are gerade reading.

It happens many times to me during the class to stop and think: “how is it in German again? Oder auf Englisch? Wait a minute, how is it in my own language, überhaupt?” But at some point you adapt to this international way of life and carry on. After all, it is like that during the classes, by reading books, by talking to your Komilitonen, and even on your Facebook timeline.

Add to this bilingual experience every imaginable accent in the world together with German and English native speakers, plus the couple of words we learn from our fellow students from 16 different nations, plus our futile – and amusing – attempts to pronounce the Chinese tones correctly and then you will know a little bit how the International Media Studies in Bonn sounds like.

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  1. Sehr schöne text! Thank you for diese reading!

  2. Sobre a matéria cabeleireiro, como são as manicuras aqui na Alemanha?
    Eu moro aqui em Saarlouis há 3 meses e não encontrei nenhuma para eu poder fazer minha unha.
    Como fazer.
    Adorei seu blog....